Brady Therapeutic - How is your body feeling today?
         My name is Patrick Brady and I  have been a practicing massage therapist for close to ten years.  After thousands of hours of hands on work I have developed a treatment style that is uniquely my own. I customize my treatments to my clients exact needs. If they are in for regular maintenance, training for an upcoming event or trying to work out the mental stress that often shows up in our bodies, my goal is always the same, to encourage their bodies to be well. I use an assortment of massage styles, my hands on work tends to lean more towards the clinical as opposed to relaxing Swedish style massage.  $80/HR  $115/1.5

My name is Amesh Dissanayake. I graduated from Bancroft School
of Massage Therapy in 2017 and have been a licensed massage
therapist ever since. I’ve always had an interest in human health
and massage was one of the strongest gateways I found towards
muscle and tissue wellness. I am trained in relaxation, deep-tissue
and sports massage and I strive to work side by side with my clients
to provide a tailored experience that meets all of their requirements
and goals for better health. $70/HR $100/1.5

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