Brady Therapeutic - How is your body feeling today?

       “"I went to Patrick as I am a highly active, competitive recreational tennis
player. Playing as much as I do almost put me off of the courts as my
muscles were too tight to play and it was affecting my knees, both of which
were starting to hurt seriously. A couple of sessions with Patrick combined
with an active stretching program has enabled me to resume playing 5 days a
week as well as follow my gym regimen. Without his deep tissue work, I would
likely be sidelined and would certainly not play as well or with the abandon
that I do."

“I started getting professional massage therapy from Patrick about a year and a half ago in Wellesley.  My immediate concerns were stiffness and pain brought on by long days sitting at my desk and working on a computer.  Getting regular weekly massages by Patrick feels great and has vastly contributed to better overall health and greater satisfaction with my family and work life.   Patrick is very knowledgeable, is a great communicator and is extremely professional.   I recommend him highly.” 

"As a personal trainer and avid runner I am constantly pushing my body.  About a year ago I started seeing Pat for some issues with my IT band.  After a few sessions I was running comfortably again, we have worked on numerous issues since then, and I have started sending my clients to see him as well. Overall i would say that I am healthier and more balanced than I was a year ago. Thanks Pat."
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